Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet, New Compression Socks. Sweet, New Brooks Skirt.

God, I need a new webcam, one that isn't 15 dollars and from 2006. I love compression socks. I don't know if they actually work but I always feel like I can go faster for longer in them. My legs feel more peppy. The skirt is actually the first article of running clothes I have ever bought from Brooks. I like the way it fits and on the spandex under neath there is some sort of substance that keeps them where they need to be. It's not as cute or flattering as my Nike running skirt but way more comfortable. There is also a pocket in the back (with a zipper!) big enough to store gels in.

The Gods have answered my prayers. I was in the gym for nearly 3 hours today and I had no pain in my knee. NONE. I only ran 4 miles (2 miles twice once before an eliptical workout and the other set afterwards. My chriopractor told me I'm only allowed to run 2 at a time until the IT Band gets better) but I did an hour and a half eliptical workout and then 40 minutes on this hill climber machine. I'm scared to be optimistic but I am so happy right now.


  1. You look extra short in this picture.

  2. God, I'm obviously bending my back over. I've said this once and I'll say it again if you dont like it plez buy me a new webcam. Thanks in advance!

    I'm 5 foot1 and a half. 5th graders are taller than me.