Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something I want to remember

One of the reasons I think I ever started running was prolly because of this person. Sometimes there are just genuine good people out there in the world and it's like you don't quite understand how they can be so decent. When I was a teenager I always admired how nice this person was and wish I could be like that.

I'll be dedicating the 100 miles I run when I run my first 100 mile race to this person because he was/is really inspirational.

"Shut it... I told you back then and I'll tell you again, you had more heart than me and I told you that you were improving every time. You wouldn't listen to me, but I knew if you stayed focus you'd really be a force. You had all the ability then and you still do. I tried to push you harder every chance I got. I remember coming and running beside you trying to push you to finish strong. Looking back I realize now why I majored in business because I work hard but I enjoy pushing others as a manager. Just be sure to listen to your body I ignored the pain in my knee for a year and I paid for it. I didn't pay much attention because my times were getting faster every race. Knee surgery is hard on you depending on what you have wrong. Listen I'm proud of you, I really wanted to run a marathon. I ran the distance of a half marathon once in two hours. I'd like to think that's pretty good lol."

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