Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saucony Mirages or I spent more money I don't have

Today I went to Up and Running because my chiropractor said I might need shoes with more stability. She also called me flatfooted. HORRIFIED. I went there to have my foot/gait analyzed by someone who was knowledgable with running. To my sheer horror, the store employee suggested that I should probably use a stability shoe and brought out 3 pairs: one by Brooks, one by Mizuno and one by Saucony. I hated all of them. The employee saw the obvious disgust on my face. I asked him what was in the Saucony box, I can't remember the response. However, he asked me why I asked and if I had run in Saucony's before. I told him I had been interested in the Kinvaras. He then went over and grabbed a pair of the Saucony Mirages, which I had heard about recently since they were released this month. Okay, they were CUTE, but still in my eyes they were the devil. I thought it over. As a last ditch effort I grabbed a pair of the Brooks Cascadias off the shelf and asked "Could the Cascadia's be an option for stability, I mean I know they market them as neutral Trail shoes but they seem comparable, right??!"
Employee: "Those shoes are two completely different concepts."
Me: "I know, but I was just hoping."
I love Up and Running, its a great store and everyone who works there is very helpful.
Its just that...I never thought I would wear a stability shoe.
I only plan on using them until I get better. Ill probably use them during the Green Jewel 50k and the ORRRC marathon (since its a road race).

Saucony is marketing the Mirages as a cousin to the Kinvara with a heel/toe drop of 4mm. Honestly, it looks like more of a 6mm drop to me but I'm just eyeballing it in comparison to my New Balance WT 101s, Nike Frees and my Green Silences.

Speaking of my Green Silences, lately I've felt weird about them, mainly because I was wearing them when I initially injured my IT Band. A part of me wants to BURN them.

We'll see how these Mirages work out.

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  1. Bite your tongue women, how dare you speak ill of the Green Silence!