Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Aftermath of a Marathon

Wear and tear and... I'm tired.
I took a week off after the marathon from running.
This past week I've only ran 3 times. Although I've been working out of the gym I still feel that my level of fitness has deteriorated.
Also, my groin is hurting, sporadically, very unpredictable. It's also very painful. Sharp shooting pains and whatnot.
I had no idea that a groin problem can even be an issue for women. A groin is a muscle Ive always associated with men not women.
So my goal is for this week to run between 4-5 times back at my old 40-50 miles a week routine.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dude, Where's My Runner's World?

I think my neighbor is stealing my Runner's World magazines from my mailbox.
I have my suspicions.

So, a little over a week til my first marathon. Blarg.

I volunteered at the white tail trail marathon that my bf was running in. I woke up late, did NOT dress properly for the cold weather and spent about 6 hours shivering alone at the aides station.
Oh well. Grim, but it was nice to have a feeling that I in a very tiny microscopic way helped out. I had never been to Ceasars Creek and I must say it was beautiful. Wish I had learned about it sooner. Maybe after the marathon I'll find my way back there to run on those spectacular trails. Its a 40 minute drive but completely worth the time getting there.

National Geographic: Beyond the Movie/informational/documentary type shows are pretty entertaining in a hilarious kind of way. Apparently, my love of documentaries has landed me with a netflix full of national geographic. This is a sign I need to watch other genres more frequently.