Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not DMX, More Like DNS

I didn't run the Tie Dye 50k. I have this groin strain/injury and I have 2 more races in the next two weeks so I decided to sit this one out. I did show up to yell "Come on Jerkface" at a running buddy who was also doing the race. Just being there for that short amount of time made me wish I ran it. They had pink tie dye shirts which I totally wanted.

Oh well. I remember whining not too long ago saying that if I could go back in time I wouldnt have ran Bigfoot with a groin injury because that led to my it band problem. So I would have been an idiot to make the same mistake twice. It felt like wussing out but if it means avoiding another relapse into 3 months of ITBAND HELL then I probably made the right decision.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Off topic I guess but I saw this and thought it was really cool of this guy to do

When I lived in Colorado I was sexually assaulted. It was by someone I knew, someone who had a pregnant wife. He was also a supervisor of mine. For months I thought it was my fault, because I was promiscuous and even though now I know it wasn't my fault there is still a part of me that thinks it is. When it was happening he said some really horrible things to me, things that sometimes in my dark moments I had thought about myself and it literally paralyzed my mind (I just kept kept repeating the entire time "please stop". I was abused as a child and I guess as a coping mechanism or something like that I am able to block out everything around me and just go into my head whether I want to or not. For months I would cry for hours in the bathroom at work or would literally throw up when I had to work with him. I started wearing combat boots and mace on a necklace on the walks home at night. Most days I didn't leave my studio apt. and I would spend most of my time sleeping in between studying for the LSAT. I honestly just wanted to die. I really thought it was my fault and months later when I told the police what happened I was surprised that they told me it wasn't my fault and that what happened to me was wrong. I had a pretty traumatic childhood and the police told me that people like that often can sense people who have been victims of abuse in the past and prey on them. That made me feel helpless, and again it made me feel that I had brought it upon myself. Most of the time I don't really deal with the things that have happened in the past or I use humor to avoid any real emotions about it. I never utilized RAINN but I really respect what they do. There are so many guys out there that don't respect women. I work as a waitress right now, and late at night guys will grope you or say really gross things to you and even when my managers do see it happen they don't do anything about it. For someone like myself I get really aggravated about that. It's just very sad that society thinks its okay for men to treat women like that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Laurel Highlands Ultra 77mile race 2011: I NEED A PACER

To All That May Read This:

I plan on running the Laurel Highland 77mile race this June. I would very much love a pacer to run with me at night. If you would like to pace this slow 5ft tall girl through part of the night I would be eternally grateful!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pacific Crest Trail

I plan on hiking part of the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. I am slowly making these plans a reality. Eyes on the prize and all that.

Maybe the Appalachian Trail too...I mean since it's so close why not?

I'm only going to live once right?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Solo Adventures at John Bryant State Park and Narrows Reserve

Abracadabra girl, you're probably lost.

This morning I drove to Yellow Springs to check out the trail I will be doing a 50k on in JB State Park. The sun wasn't out until later on in the day so it was pretty deserted out there. A bit spooky too. ESPECIALLY after jro calls me and tells me he heard that members of the manson family live there. I know that's not true but Ive watched enough horrors movies to know that when little 5ft tall girls venture out into the woods by themselves and then they get a phone call saying there are killers in the woods that's when the girl gets killed. So I decided to go get something to eat in town and head down to Narrows Reserve...a very nonthreatening non spooky tiny reserve with a trail in Beavercreek.

Narrows Reserve:
I love these steps. I just think they're neat and challenging.
What goes up must come down. A different set of stairs about a half mile from the above ones:

The stairs can get pretty slick in the winter time but it makes for an interesting run.

Being awesome ^

The river is up more than usual flooding the path. The water felt great!

The trail leads to a "meadow"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Run in the Rain

And dress in unflattering running gear. Oh yeah. I bought the jacket last fall because it was on sale for 30 dollars and its usually 130. Its an xtra small so its xtra tight. I am in no way an xtra small but I couldn't pass up that deal! At least I can get the zipper zipped. I pretty much feel like Chris Farley in the movie "Tommy Boy"(thanks JF!) when he does the "Fat man in a little coat" scene when I wear this.

Lets Run

It's called my "A Game", its called "bringing it", and it's going to be happening April 23rd.
Something like this

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've gotten in the habit of waking up on race days, looking at the alarm clock and thinking to myself "Eh, maybe I'll just sleep in this morning instead of running that race." Of course, I ALWAYS end up running the race but this habit has usually caused me to arrive at the starting line anywhere with only 15-5 minutes to spare. Today was 15 minutes to spare so I did okay. I kept telling myself "Its just the half marathon, it's just a half marathon, you'll be out of here in a couple of hours no problem." I had bought a new pink and white tye dye top by Nike. It kept riding up when I was running which was annoying the heck out of me. The course was a tiny bit hilly during the first 3-4 miles. I tried to stay at a slow steady pace and I did acheive that goal so I'm proud of myself. I usually go slow anyway because I AM SLOW but I usually go a bit faster than I did. Joe flew past me about a half mile in after saying hello. I also saw Vibrams guy from Lima (Im sorry I cant remember your name! You prolly refer to me as neck tattoo girl, haha!) around mile 6 and we had a short exchange of hellos, he was actually running barefoot and just carrying his Vibrams. Dude is hard core. All the volunteers were super nice and I made sure to thank them after the turnaround on the way back. The race went by really fast and the sun even came out for a few miles which was nice. Stuck around long enough to watch the first marathoner finish. That dude is also hardcore.


I'm in the pink and white shirt in the above pic. Click on it and zoom in. I look bored. Probably because I'm running really slow.Starting line ^

Did an easy 13.1 at an easy 10:30 pace today at the ORRRC half marathon. Ran it slow, ran it how I wanted to, which I thought was important, and I was glad to have ran it the way I did. My knees are good. Little concerned that I'm about 2 weeks late but Im usually all across the board with that-I hope to God thats all it is. Got drunk at Bar Louie immediately after the marathon and saw Sucker Punch-while still in my race gear. It was a good day. Pics Later!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dropped to the Half Marathon...BUT...

I may cross the finish line for the half and then continue on...depending on my knee but honestly I'm only feeling the half...