Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Solo Adventures at John Bryant State Park and Narrows Reserve

Abracadabra girl, you're probably lost.

This morning I drove to Yellow Springs to check out the trail I will be doing a 50k on in JB State Park. The sun wasn't out until later on in the day so it was pretty deserted out there. A bit spooky too. ESPECIALLY after jro calls me and tells me he heard that members of the manson family live there. I know that's not true but Ive watched enough horrors movies to know that when little 5ft tall girls venture out into the woods by themselves and then they get a phone call saying there are killers in the woods that's when the girl gets killed. So I decided to go get something to eat in town and head down to Narrows Reserve...a very nonthreatening non spooky tiny reserve with a trail in Beavercreek.

Narrows Reserve:
I love these steps. I just think they're neat and challenging.
What goes up must come down. A different set of stairs about a half mile from the above ones:

The stairs can get pretty slick in the winter time but it makes for an interesting run.

Being awesome ^

The river is up more than usual flooding the path. The water felt great!

The trail leads to a "meadow"

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