Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bar Exam is Like an Ultra

Twice a year fearful law school graduates come together in their state to take the bar exam so they can become real life attorneys. In Ohio, everyone who seeks to have Esq. follow their name makes the pilgrimage to Columbus, Ohio.
So why is it like an Ultra?
1. You have to pace yourself or else you may DNF. For real.
2. You are allowed a water bottle and only a water bottle to stay hydrated.
3. You have to pay an insane entry fee.
4. You train for months.
5. Not only does it test your mental toughness but also your physical toughness as well.
6. You plan out what you will eat for breakfast.
7. You show up an hour before it starts.
8. Its a multi day event.
9. You will want to quit/die/wonder why the hell you decided to do this.
10. It is recommended that you dress in layers/comfortably.

Day 1: My brain wants to exploooode.
Cant wait for Day 2 and 8 hours of multi choice without a clock. Not allowed to bring in watches for this!

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