Monday, February 7, 2011

Frostbite 5 mile Run

The Frostbite 5 Mile run was yesterday. It was only 3 dollars for ORRRC members so there was no reason (well no reason other than my messed up knee) that I couldn't run it. It was pretty flat except for the last mile and a half had some residential area hills. My official finishing time was 45:05 for an overall pace of 9:01 min miles. I wasn't trying to kill myself out there mostly because of my knee and the fact that I'm still on antibiotics.

The weather was great and there was no ice or anything to worry about.

The start of the race was a bit funky, the race started maybe 10-15 minutes later than expected and all of a sudden we heard a gunshot or some kind of noise and realized it was race time!

It was funny, about a minute into it some people in front of me actually stopped for a freaking puddle. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I couldn't believe that, don't race if you don't expect to step in a tiny puddle. Geez louise people.

I had a good time and really enjoyed the race.

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