Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saucony Mirage Review: Update 2/ I RAN A 50k IN THEM

Yesterday I completed the Green Jewel 50k. I knew I would not be running the entire course due to a serious IT Band issue that only recently got better a week before the race and I did not want to chance hurting it again. The course was on pavement but it was raining the entire time and fairly muddy in some parts. In one section of a course you had to cross over a flooded creek which came to be waist deep on me.

So how did the Saucony's hold up???:

Great, considering they were covered in mud and thoroughly soaked in water dozens of times during the race they did hold up wonderfully. I didn't get any blisters and they dried out fairly quickly every time they did get drenched. The last 14 or so miles I had to walk because my ITBand was quickly deteriorating which led me to do some very extreme powerwalking in order to finish in time. This caused bruising on the front of my ankles. I don't know if it was necessarily due to the shoes or due to the fact I was walking as fast as my little legs would go. I would recommend the Mirage for running but not long distance powerwalking, haha.

Race review later today.

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