Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Achey Knees

When I was an early teen, my optometrist found that my optic nerve was swollen or there was a Drusen/something weird going on in the back of my eye. So I went to specialists 5 hours away and had a bunch of tests run. I had mris, catscans, xrays, even an ultrasound done on my eye-it was weird. For a while they thought I had multiple sclerosis and my mom started bringing me to the YMCA to work out. She didnt tell me at first until they found that the tests were non conclusive and it is probably just a Drusen and prolly not a sign of MS. The specialists continued to monitor my eye for several years bi-annually and then just annually until my mom moved to another state and I just stopped going. Whenver we'd go they would bring in medical students to check out the weird anomaly in my eye-I felt really weird about that. SO its probably just a Drusen. Even with it just being a drusen it still means my eye will be more and more fucked up as the years go by.

Whenever my knees ache and are stiff and I have really low energy I can't help but think in the very back of my mind what if these docs in wv were wrong, the mri was nonconclusive. Its not like ive had my eye checked by specialists since I was a's not like Ive gone to any doctor except urgent care, the doc at walmart to get new contacts and a chiro since I was a teen. Basically as I sit here this morning with stiff fucked up knees I'm a little worried.

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