Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gone to Cambridge/Lore City

The Bigfoot 50k will be taking place promptly at 7am in the morning and....I'm running it. I will be the first to say I am HORRIBLY underprepared for this: my first ultramarathon.
The longest I've ran since my marathon 6 weeks ago was 15 miles.
Not good.

The drive to my swank 48 dollar a night Days Inn hotel room I'm staying at was 3 hours, only during half of the trip was it snowing. Yes, indeedy, I go all out for these race events. The hotel has a prime location being in between a Ruby Tuesdays and a Bob Evans.
J/k I don't eat that...
Anyway, I'm exhausted and I'm kind of dreading driving to pick up my number but I'd rather do it tonight then have to worry about it in the morning PLUS they are giving away free water bottles to the 1st hundred people that pick up their race packets. Sooo, I'm in.

Wish me luck, interweb world.

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