Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Weather Running

Here, in Ohio, Fall is finally starting to set in. I think as a runner you tend to notice the subtle changes in nature a lot quicker because you tend to spend hours outside running at a time, sometimes deep in the trails. I started to notice the leaves turning back in August-not all-but some. Now, the sides of much of the bike path that I run one are gathering little mounds of leaves from where the trail maintenance crew sweeps the foliage over.

The temperatures are beginning to drop to the 50s and 60s. Its a change of pace from some of the heat waves I was running in during the summer.

I ordered the Asics arm warmers today from Runners Warehouse. These arms are getting chilly for real! This is leading me to wonder what the weather will have in store for me come marathon day =/

On my never ending job search I ran across this little Ultra race gem in Minnesota. www.arrowheadultra.com/index.php

Holy 135 mile freezing temps run! The finishing stats from last year speak for just how difficult this race is. I would love to try my legs out on the course.
One day. Maybe 2012?
We'll see.

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