Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brooks Green Silence: September 2010 Women's Release

I've been waiting for Brooks to release the Women's Green Silence since the original February 2010 release. Not only did Brooks create a women size specific option but they ALSO updated the colors from the original Ronald McDonald asymmetrical yellow and red. It's not that I wouldn't have wanted a pair based on those colors, but unfortunately due to my small feet all the available men's sizes were too large.

I was very impressed with the women's color combination. For myself, it seems that Brooks often creates women's shoes in colors that are mainly in pastels and in my opinion not as vibrant and overall "cool looking" as the colors that they create the men's shoes in. Example: I love the style/color of the Brooks Mach 12-let me rephrase this- I love the style/color of the Brooks Mens Mach 12s. The women's color-eh.

The long awaited Green Silence shoes will be on my feet Wednesday morning for my scheduled 10 mile run. I'm very excited and will post a review of the shoes ASAP. I suspect I will LOVE them.

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