Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Being Sick Sucks

Last Friday I came down with a pretty bad case of...I have no idea what it was actually. My entire body ached. It hurt to move. I had a sore throat and throbbing ears. Cold sweats. The works. My son also came down with the apparently oh so common but I had never heard of it Hand Foot and Mouth disease...gross? He had a really mild case of it though and got over it quickly. It took me a few days to recover and while I was recovering I also somehow come down with Hand Foot and Mouth disease. Apparently, it is very rare for an adult to catch this disease but Joe says the disease most likely got confused because of my short stature and thought I too was a child.
So today I woke up and I actually feel pretty good. Its amazing how a few days of feeling like crap makes you really come to appreciate not being sick. I ran today. It was amazing. I am glad I waited until I felt better to run.

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